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This fall is going to be the season of interviews! We have many people to talk to and even more to talk about. Today we will have an Italian guest. Carmine is going to tell us about his traveling experience. It is not exactly true, though. He will tell us how he creates the best traveling experience for others. He made Amici Bikers website and ever since has been successfully managing it.

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“Even though I do not use OsmAnd as a navigator during my travels a lot, I implemented it into a Mountain Bike race. I called it Bike Trophy. Competitors must find a series of waypoints and answer some questions about the place they have reached to show that they actually have found the waypoints. It is, basically, a treasure hunt in mountains on a bicycle.”

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Here You can find a guide to OsmAnd for all the competitors. Carmine has always been passionate about cycling. He has been doing it professionally for 10 years. Now, he also organizes Mountain Bike itineraries.

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“A few months ago I came up with a captivating idea. It took some time to bring it to life, though. I have been using OsmAnd for several years for off-road car trips. It was a smart thing to do, to use it for the benefits of the race.”

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OsmAnd has been successfully used as the main app for other trophies that we have recently mentioned in our blog.

“I do not prepare maps for the race. All the contestants have to do that themselves. What I do is go to the competition site and look for coordinates of the waypoints. This measure helps me to be sure that all the points can be found by competitors.”

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It is not a piece of news that the app provides quite a few functions. Some users even stated that our team has to get rid of some in order to keep things simple. However, we have never run for simple!

“I use all those functions of OsmAnd that are related to any kind of search and creation of markers and navigation to the markers. This is a must when it comes to organizing the Trophy!”

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Our team always encourages you to try out new things in life. So, maybe, this is Your chance! Search Carmine’s web page for the countdown which shows how many hours, minutes, and seconds have left till the next Trophy. This experience might change You or at the very least give You some memories to reminisce!

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Thank You, Dear Users, for choosing OsmAnd and as always see You soon!


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